Sunday, March 25, 2007


My last day in Tbilisi.
Simulataneously taught two groups of young journalists 8-10 hours a day, sometimes without a break. There are 50 of them!
But of course I'm really proud of them and had a hard time keeping my emotions in check when I said goodbye.
I blamed it on exhaustion.

My flight leaves at 430 am, which means I have a 230 pickup. The electricity went off an hour ago and I haven't packed yet. So will I be packing in the dark?
I'm at a restaurant that has wifi and a generator (and this street doesn't seem to be effected). I only have 17 percent left on my battery there. Talk about going down to the wire.
Hopefully, after I finish my soup and head home, the lights will be back on. And heat. But mainly lights.

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The Mater said...

Congrats on the school's success and anniversary. Working with these students is what kept you going.

Even with the hardships encountered, you can be proud of the effort you've put into all this.