Monday, October 15, 2007

Steppin' Out

Here's a fact: Newspeople like their liquor.

When I worked at a newsmagazine, the owner decided to install a cafeteria in the building to prevent his editors from leaving to eat, because half of them would get wasted and not come back in time to meet deadline.

Here's another fact: It's same all over the world. I've done lots of drinking with lots of editors in lots of countries. AFTER close, of course.

Last night was no different. We met deadline again (t's hard in the beginning) so went out on the motorbikes to find an open bar. Thanks to Vietnam's law trying to "stem evil," few places are allowed to stay open after 12:30. One restaurant/bar, called the Cowboy Saloon, told us at first that they were closed--then said they didn't want us in there, in case we made noise. Was a quiet saloon, I gues.

In any case, we managed to find a place, and kept them open til about 4.

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