Monday, April 07, 2008

Shall I Scare the Bejeezus Out of You or Shall We Go For a Coffee?

I took Remi "hunting" for several days in a row, since I wanted her to hunt before the human hunters are back in action on May 1st.

She knows the word Hunting, which sets off a Pavlovian response: Ears Twitch, Eyes Bug, Lips Get Licked.

Her real hunt is for mice, snakes, etc... but chasing is included in the whole thing, so deer and jackrabbits are also part of a day out in the fields.

The first few days we went out, her little legs ranranran, lightning speed in pursuit of deer and jackrabbits.

But on about the fourth or fifth day there was a shift. Not sure what's up with the deer, but the jackrabbits no longer run away from her, and instead treat her like an old friend. She flushes them out and then they all sit together in the fields.

Her anti-social, Out for the Kill mindset has been replaced with a Happy Hour. 

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