Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the Mend

There she is. My fantastic little one.
Today she saw her best buddy (besides me, of course :)) for the first time since her leg injury in September. Til now, she hasn't been allowed to play with other dogs, for fear of re-injury.
But seeing those two together again was like watching an Oprah reunion.
Lots of unabashed joy and celebration. Brought a tear or two to my eyes.
They both ran and wrestled in the park. Remi overdid it and was limping when she came home, so I have to be more careful next time.


Jan Tuma said...

She looks great. Glad she's doing well!

C─âlin said...

Hello there, thanks for reminding me I have a blog :). And nice little doggie. I donno why I imagined she was black or brown